Anatomical Atlas of Acupuncture Points


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By Zhenguo Yan
Hardcover book
ISBN 9781901149050
198 pages

This is the first book to illustrate the body’s acupuncture points using full-color photos of actual anatomy. It aids in rapid, accurate location of acupuncture points, and includes point location illustration of both commonly used and potentially dangerous points.

With 180 color photographs and 112 full-color drawings, this highly practical and comprehensively illustrated photo atlas of acupuncture points offers students and practitioners an indispensable guide to the accurate location of points and provides a clear depiction of the anatomic structures encountered during the needle passage.

Key Features:

  • imposition of acupuncture points and channels on photographs of human models, thus facilitating the rapid location of points.
  • all 14 main acupuncture channels and their points clearly indicated on the photographs
  • detailed visualization of anatomic structures to increase needling confidence
  • anatomic cross-sections (color photos and drawings) provide a vivid illustration of the tissues traversed during needling of the 97 commonly used and higher-risk points
  • brief notes on location, depth of insertion, actions, and clinical indications accompany all cross-section illustrations, with cautions where appropriate

Allthough not intended as a substitute for a basic acupuncture textbook, this book will provide a powerful and distinctive support to the learning process.

About the author Yan Zhenguo has been Professor at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1986. He is also visiting researcher at the Medical School of Osaka University and a regular lecturer at Hong Kong University . A pioneer in the anatomy of acupuncture points in China, he has published a number of books and articles, many of which have been translated into other languages.

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