Biophysical Therapy of Allergies -eBook


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By Peter Schumacher
Digital Goods, Ebooks
ISBN 9781588902573
264 pages

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Based on the concepts of bioresonance therapy, this work extensively and systematically elaborates on the foundation and practice of the biophysical elimination of allergies, achieved without chemical treatment and its side effects. The author draws on his many years of well-documented successfully treated case studies and his private pediatric practice, to demonstrate that allergies can be healed completely when they are recognized as a biophysical phenomenon and treated according to the laws of biophysics. The range of clinical studes includes hay fever, inhalation allergies, bronchial asthma, ingestion allergies, neurodermatitis, ulcerative colitis and morbus Chron, celiac disease, allergies to stings and bites, and urticaria.


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