The Channel Divergences: Deeper Pathways of the Web -eBook


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By Miki Shima & Charles Chace
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ISBN 9781891845154
266 pages

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The channel divergences (jing bie) are among the most enigmatic facets of the channel system. Also known as the divergent meridians or distinct meridians, their trajectories, and usually some conjecture concerning their function, is discussed in nearly every basic textbook of acupuncture. Nevertheless, few acupuncturists have any idea of what to do with the channel divergences in clinical practice. Written by Miki Shima and Charles Chace, two senior acupuncturists with extensive training in classical Chinese, this text represents the most definitive statement to date on the theory and application of this fascinating layer of the channel system. The text begins with a critical review of the classical source literature concerning the channel divergences and then the major channel divergence specialists in Japan and Europe, culminating with the treatment strategies of Miki Shima who has used this system for over 20 years. Channel Divergences also contains extensive appendices with a treatment formulary and discussions of adjunctive therapies to facilitate immediate application in clinical practice.

This book features:

  • A review of the major source literature on the channel divergences
  • Treatment strategies fo three major Japanese channel divergence specialists
  • Miki Shima’s comprehensive treatment strategies and case histories
  • A treatment formulary discussing more than 16 major disorders
  • Extensive appendices with adjunctive treatment suggestions

Praise for The Channel Divergences -eBook

“Travelling from the Inner Classic and Zhuangzi through modern Japanese masters to the work of Miki Shima, this is an interesting, provocative, and clinically relevant journey exploring some important, if under-utilized, aspects of Oriental medicine. A worthwhile addition to any curious and thoughtful practitioner’s library who is looking to expand their therapeutic toolbox.”

-Dan Bensky, author of Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies and Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica


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