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By Kishori Aird
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9782980744167
189 pages, 7.00 x 10.00″

The goal of this work is to explore a new paradigm outside of duality and create a state of being positioned beyond the limits imposed by past experiences. The author provides protocols and instructions to assist in making new choices that optimize the energy of strengths and weakneses, and help establish the freqency rate of individuality. Included are discussions and exercises that help us to align ourselves along a quantum path that is in resonance with our essence. As we learn to embody our essence, we will feel gratitude and respect for the energy that we are. We will become the guardians of our frequencies. Our path will be fluid, constant, and compassionate, resonating with the perfect tonaltiy in each of us as we participate in the movement of the universe while preserving our individuality. At that zero point, both multidimensional and in constant movement, we integrate the negative and positive charges of our being, and initiate the intentional modification of our DNA structure. We are thus able to attract realities aligned on the quantum network, a network that vibrates in harmony with the frequency rate of our own essence, and thereby establish a repose most suitable and expressive of our individual vibratory frequency.

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