Foundations of Manual Lymph Drainage


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By Michael Foeldi & Roman Strossenreuther
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9780323030649
120 pages, 7.50 x 9.50″

This text was designed to instruct physiotherapy and massage students in forms of massage therapy that include manual lymph drainage. It conveys the scientific foundations and the principles of manual lymph drainage technique and assumes a reader knowledge of anatomy, histology, and the cardiovascular system. Chapters cover anatomy of the lymph vessel system, interstitial fluid and lymph, lymph formation and lymph flow, lymphatic system insufficeincy, effect of massage on lymph formation and lymphangiomotor function, basic principles of manual lymph drainage, treatment of cervical lymph nodes, auxilliary lymph nodes,the large deep lymphatic trunks, inguinal lymph nodes, and complete decongestive therapy. There are numerous photos, charts, and illustrations that contribute to the text’s overall utility, and thorough coverage of individual treatment strokes and stroke sequences for proper hand placement, pressure, and movement.

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