Master Hua’s Classic of the Central Viscera -eBook


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By Yang Shou-zhong
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ISBN 0-936185-43-0

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The great Hua Tuo is arguably the most famous doctor of antiquity. The government of the People’s Republic of China has recently classified Master Hua’s Classic of the Central Viscera as one of the 11 most important pre-modern books in the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine, ranking it with the likes of the Nei Jing, Nan Jing, and Shang Han Lun. Long considered apocryphal by the Confucian Oligarchy, this book is, perhaps, the premier proto-Daoist medical classic. Undoubtedly dating from not less than the Sui dynasty (581-618 CE), this book incorporates passages from ancient Chinese medical texts now lost. In particular, this book is a great source of information on pulse diagnosis, prognosis, and the course of disease. It is the locus classicus of the theory of warm supplementation, and it contains numerous fascinating herbal and alchemical formulas for both internal and external usage.


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