For The Trade

Wholesale / Re-Seller

Serving re-sellers is one of our primary concerns.

  • We require that you complete our wholesale application and fax or mail a copy of your sales tax certificate to us. This must show that you are licensed and bound to collect state sales tax on all sales from your location. For details, call or email
  • Eligible wholesale customers receive the maximum discount available, for each title. The maximum discounts vary, as some publishers do not offer full discounts. The prices are also subject to change. Please contact our office at 1.800.873.3946, or email to have your account upgraded in order to have access to the wholesale pricing online.
  • We require that you order in multiples of 5 copies or more of each title ordered.
  • If you would like to obtain credit terms with us, we will need; a) to have had three successful prepaid or COD transactions with you, and b) a successful review of a credit application.
  • You may place an order online, by mail, phone, fax, or email. Once you have created an account, please contact us at 1.800.873.3946, or email to have your account upgraded in order to have access to the wholesale pricing online.
  • Wholesale orders are charged actual shipping costs and are not eligible for our free shipping discounts.

For Publishers

While Redwing's catalog, Redwing Reviews (coming back mid 2019 by popular demand), and our website are well known, the great majority of all the books we sell are not sold to individuals but to the non-trade market at wholesale prices. When submitting a title that you feel belongs in our collection please include your offer of distributor terms. We do not display wholesale prices in Redwing Reviews. Wholesale prices are available only to accounts that have met their state's re-sale requirements and our minimum order and credit standards.

While listing your title alone will produce sales, the more complete the information, the greater the sales. Readers want to know what is in the book, the extent of the information, and what features may be of interest or import. People are interested in facts they could determine for themselves, if they had the book in hand. The more the web experience is like the browsing experience, the more likely that our customers will find your book worthwhile.

Information about your books should be submitted by email to The review may be either an attachment or part of the email text but should be in html, plain ascii text or Rich Text Format. If this is your first contact with us, please include your name, address and phone number in the body of the email.

Including the following will improve the response to your title:

  • A better, or newer scan of the cover
  • A text, PDF, or other display of your Table of Contents
  • A text, PDF, or other display of a Sample Chapter
  • Comments from the author
  • Review quotations
  • Endorsements
  • Other titles that your readers may be reading

The ability to “browse” is critical for media products such as DVDs. Providing an excerpt of approximately 3-5 min. duration in flash format (SWF) will greatly increase sales. Remember that media products are not returnable so customers are unwilling to purchase “sight unseen!”

For Authors

In general, unless you are self-published, we will need to work with your editor or publisher to make the practical and financial arrangements necessary to your book. The best idea is probably to have your editor or publisher send us at least a copy of the book and an explanation of the distribution terms offered. Any of the following will also be helpful

  • A comment from you about the book
  • Any examples or stories that would inform our readers

We like representing self-publishers and small presses that have appropriate titles. The process is the same. Please read the comments in the For Publishers section.