Slide Featured Title The Yellow
Emperor's Inner
The book features a passionate and clinically relevant synthesis of Dr. Liu’s discipleship with Yang Zhenhai (楊真海), one of the last remaining master practitioners of Daoist acupuncture in mainland China. KEEP READING
Slide Featured Title Electro
Drawing on his 30 years’ experience of using electroacupuncture Stephen Lee presents the treatment of a number of musculoskeletal conditions frequently seen in the clinic. This electroacupuncture book contains a clear fully illustrated step by step guide to treating the following conditions... KEEP READING
Slide Featured Title Classical Chinese
This book uses simple language to explain the essence of Shanghanlun (Treatise on Cold Damage), a monumental ancient medical classic, paired with cases the author encountered during years of practicing Chinese medicine, allowing readers to understand the melding of theory and practice... KEEP READING
Slide Featured Title My
My Fertility Guide is based on the latest scientific evidence sourced from over 350 research studies. This self-help guide blends modern fact-based research together with the ancient theories of Chinese medicine to deliver a powerful and concise understanding of natural conception.... KEEP READING
Slide Back In Stock Dermatology
In Traditional
Chinese Medicine
Written by one of China’s foremost dermatologists, this new title draws on the author’s vast spectrum of clinical experience to provide a thorough survey of more than 120 commonly seen and difficult skin disorders. Full pattern identification and a comprehensive array of treatment options for each condition... KEEP READING
Slide Featured Title Medicinal
A Clinical Guide
This work is a highly accessible primer on the pharmacology, applications, and Chinese medical uses of over 20 commonly prescribed mycological medicinals. As such it admirably meets the needs of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine practitioners as well as a more general complementary medicine readership... KEEP READING

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