Acupuncturist’s Clinical Handbook (Revised Edition)


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By Jeffrey Jacob
Trade Paperback Book
ISBN: 9780578637181
506 Pages

The Acupuncturist’s Clinical Handbook written by Jeffrey Jacob is a best selling book and the first book of its kind. It contains the complete system of Classical Acupuncture and stands unique in containing detailed information for each Acupuncture point along with the Classical use, energetics and applications for all the channel systems including: Primary Channels, Muscle-Sinew Channels. Luo Vessels, Divergent Channels, Eight Extraordinary Vessels as well as the Curious Organs.

The book is written as a reference manual to have at your fingertips as much information as possible. It begins with vital summaries for both student and practitioner. It describes each channel, each acupuncture point, including English name, Chinese name with explanation, location of the point, Daoist, classical and modern energetics, along with use and applications. It presents the Primary Channels from both the Zang Fu perspective as well as the Classical perspective of looking at the Primary channels in progression.

It furthers with an in depth presentation of the Muscle-Sinew Channels, Luo Vessels, Divergent Channels, Eight Extraordinary Vessels as well as the Curious Organs.

There are additional sections that summarize vital information for the clinician as well as sections on command points, Extra points, Ear, Scalp, and Ion pumping. The final sections summarize Zang Fu and Shang Han Lun diagnosis.

The Acupuncturist’s Clinical Handbook has proved indispensable in the clinic for both students and practitioners and presents more doorways into the depth of Chinese Medicine for those who want more tools to connect to the classical application of Chinese Medicine

When it was originally written in 1995, there were no available books on Acupuncture points in the English language. This book is the product of three decades of private practice, teaching and study with Dr. Jeffrey Yuen.

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