ACU-Dog: A Guide to Canine Acupressure


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By Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781936796007
186 pages, 7.25 x 9.00″

Acupressure can support the health and well-being of a canine companion by strengthening muscles, tendons, joints, and bones, balancing energy, releasing natural cortisone and endorphins for managing inflammation and/or pain, and building the immune system. This book covers the theoretical knowledge base of Chinese medicine from yin-yang and five-element through zang-fu and eight principles, all as applicable to canine therapy. It includes in-depth information regarding the theoretical basis of acupressure, organ meridian pathways and point location, assessment methods, techniques, and specific session guidelines for addressing over 30 common canine conditions. Acupressure point selection guidelines detail indicators, point name and location, and an anatomical chart showing the recommended points. The description of an acupressure session begins with opening, shifting attention and intention, assessing association, alarm, and source points, selecting appropriate acupressure techniques, closing, and post-session work. Spiral-bound, with full-color photos, charts, and line drawings throughout.

There is no other book like ACU-DOG: A Guide to Canine Acupressure!

You can:

  • Understand Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Theories
  • Apply TCM concepts in performing a canine acupressure session
  • Learn functions and locations of meridians
  • Take action with 33 specific canine health & behavioral conditions
  • Help your dog feel and be his best.

Praise for ACU-Dog

ACU-DOG makes ancient Chinese healing accessible for people who love and care for dogs. This canine acupressure book offers highly substantive resource for learning thousands of years of evidence-based knowledge and touch therapy techniques.

Because dogs give us so much, it is an honor to take time to give back to them through acupressure. This book provides an opportunity for you to study and learn how to communicate your love and caring. Your dog will understand your intention, I promise.”

-Linda Tellington-Jones, Ph.D. (Hon), Visionary, Teacher, and Author

ACU-DOG offers a doorway beckoning you to explore the riches of the world as seen through the keen eyes of Traditional Chinese Medicine, all the while empowering dog lovers to hands-on participation in maintaining the verve of our tail-wagging friends.”

-Ella Bittel
, Holistic Veterinarian, Founder of Spirits in Transition

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