ACU-Horse: A Guide to Equine Acupressure


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By Nancy Zidonis & Amy Snow
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781936796045

ACU-Horse provides a step-by-step guide to performing an acupressure session on your horse. This new book provides tons of 4 color charts and photos to help you learn equine acupressure along with all the necessary discussion of essential Chinese medicine theories and concepts. The book walks you through the assessment process, acupoint selection and the comprehensive acupressure session protocol. 

The last chapter offers 35+ common equine specific condition charts addressing both physical and emotional issues such as colic, osteoarthritis, founder, pre- and post-performance, heaves, grief, fear, and many more.

Every horse person needs to have this new book for learning how to benefit horses with Chinese Medicine and as a reference at all times. It is perfect for owners, trainers, and healthcare practitioners to enhance the horse’s performance, health, and wellbeing.

Acupressure helps people connect with their own healing abilities while contributing to your sense of partnership in his health.

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