Awakening Somatic Intelligence: The Art and Practice of Embodied Mindfulness, Transform Pain, Stress, Trauma, and Aging


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By Risa Kapara
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781583944172
368 pages, 7.00 x 9.50″

Awakening Somatic Intelligence introduces Somatic Learning, an innovative bodymind approach to transformative healing and self-renewal. Developed by author, psychotherapist, yoga master, and award-winning poet and songwriter Risa Kaparo, Ph.D, Somatic Learning teaches embodied mindfulness through breathing, sensing, movement, and touch to revitalize the body’s self-organizing intelligence. Dr. Kaparo has successfully used her method with clients suffering from chronic pain, stress-related illnesses, trauma, and mood disorders including depression and anxiety. Based on the latest brain research in mindfulness and neuroplasticity, this book introduces self-sensing awareness practices that dispel negative habitual patterns of thought and functioning, realign and elongate your body structure, and transform your relationship to gravity and aging to enjoy greater freedom and aliveness.

Praise for Awakening Somatic Intelligence

“Kaparo has a genius for both the body and its language. With the nurturing guidance of a great therapist, she offers a detailed operating manual for healing pain and awakening embodied joy.”

-Rick Hanson, PhD, best-selling author of Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

“Risa Kaparo opens doors to a magical realm where we joyfully discover how small shifts in our awareness can have enormous impact in our relationship to aging and pain. This breakthrough book does for somatic intelligence what Daniel Goleman’s book did for emotional intelligence. It offers practical methods that will benefit all readers because they make us feel more alive and attuned to what extraordinary beings we are.”

-David Surrenda, PhD, CEO of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, founder of John F. Kennedy University’s Graduate School of Holistic Studies, and co-author of Retooling on the Run: Real Change for Leaders with No Time

“Dr. Kaparo has gone further than anyone in tapping into the intelligence of mindful awareness and discovering how this informs the functioning of each person’s unique bodymind. Her newfound knowledge allows us to effortlessly retrace the pathways that lead to optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health.”

-Peter Fenner, PhD
, founder of Timeless Wisdom and author of Radiant Mind: Awakening Unconditioned Awareness

“This book represents the forefront of mindfulness, psychology. Neuroplasticity, body awareness, and self-healing integrated into practices that anyone – from novices to seasoned practitioners – will enjoy and deeply benefit from.”

-Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life

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