The Body in Motion: It’s Evolution and Design


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By Theodore Dimon Jr.
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781556439704

The Body in Motion presents a comprehensive guide to the anatomical design of the human body, revealing how the body’s systems cooperate to form an upright, intelligent, tool-making marvel, capable of great technological and artistic achievements. Exploring our upright system, author Theodore Dimon Jr. describes the purpose of the extensors, flexors, spine, and shoulder girdle. Additional systems covered include the hands and upper limbs; the pelvic girdle; the feet and lower limbs; breathing; the larynx and throat musculature of the truck. Dimon explains how these systems have helped us build, invent, create art, explore the world, and imbue life with a sacred dimension that would not otherwise exist.

About the author:

Dr. Theodore (Ted) Dimon is an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia Teachers College and the founder and director of the Dimon Institute in New York City. The Institute is based on Dr. Dimon’s pioneering work in the new field of Neurodynamics, or the study of the human mental and physical “operating system” as a holistic entity and how it works in activity. Based on a multi-disciplinary approach that includes work in neuroscience, anatomy, evolution, physiology, psychology, philosophy and mindfulness, Dimon’s work provides a groundbreaking view of human functioning and behavior leading to new foundational principles applicable in the fields of health, education, and child development. Dr. Dimon received both master’s and doctorate degrees in education from Harvard University and is an internationally renowned teacher of mind/body disciplines. He has written five books including Anatomy of the Moving Body, The Body in Motion, Your Body, Your Voice, The Elements of Skill, and The Undivided Self. He lectures internationally and also runs a training program for students and teachers of Neurodynamics at the Dimon Institute.

Praise for The Body in Motion

“The Body in Motion is not just another technical book on anatomy but a passionate illumination of the remarkable instrument we call body … We don’t need another anatomy book, we need exactly what this writing does to take our entire concept of our functionality as human beings to the next level of consciousness. Theodore Dimon Jr.’s work appeals to me as a dance artist, a practitioner of the science of movement, as a contemplative seeker, and as a pragmatic teacher. This essential work is immensely readable, enjoyable, and full of both practical wisdom and profound insight.”

-Anne Bluethenthal, dancer, teacher, and choreographer

“The Body in Motion is an outstanding book. I am impressed by the clarity of the writing; every chapter describes and simplifies a crucial aspect of anatomy.”

-Jean E. Sealey, DSc, Professor Emeritus of Medicine in Physiology and Biophysics, Weill Medical College of Cornell University Ithaca, New York

“Theodore Dimon Jr. has written an extraordinarily clear and useful book that is grounded, not only in extensive research and scholarship but, just as importantly, in experiential knowledge based on Dimon’s training and practical work with movement and posture over the past thirty years. I highly recommend The Body in Motion, not just for bodyworkers and dancers but also for artists, physical educators, personal trainers, and anyone interested in the marvelous design of the human body.”

-Seymour Simmons III, EdD, professor of art and art education, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, South Carolina

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