Botanical Oncology; Isolates: An Oriental and Western Approach to Herbal Compounds in Cancer Care


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By Daniel Weber
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9780646915531
380 pages

Humans have been using and developing medicines since we have been human. Early medicines were randomly selected and tried empirically after watching animals eat certain plants. Most medicines were mildly toxic and had a bad taste. Over time humans cultivated these plants and experimented with extraction methods to isolate the active components. The first extraction methodology was boiling in water and this act alone set us apart from how animals would instinctively seek out medicinal plants. These practices, extraction and cultivation began the science of medicine. Today there are hundreds of active components isolated from plants as well as animals, together with thousands of research articles supporting their use. This book focuses on oncology and how there are many, many complementary approaches to cancer care.

Cancer is a complex disease of over 200 types, which is compounded by thousands of genetic, epigenetic and metabolic pathways. There is no single ‘magic bullet’ but multi-therapeutic protocols that ‘resolve’ cancer on a variety of levels. In spite of this cancer remains the presenting problem of our age. Botanical Oncology; isolates introduces integrative cancer treatment protocols for a variety of cancers, their pathways and the side effects arising from chemo and radiotherapy. Fully referenced, it presents over 200 common and novel herbal compounds which have been isolated from hundreds of anti-cancer botanicals. The book comes with an on-line database that is being constantly updated with the latest research. The database provides quick access to treatment protocols and the evidence to support their use. Botanical Oncology; isolates has chapters on overcoming multi-drug resistance and also examines herb-drug interaction and CYP enzyme activities. There is an extensive chapter on intravenous, intramuscular and intradermal botanicals that currently being used in hospitals around the world. Daniel Weber PhD, MSc has written this book for the professional to support prescribing and supporting cancer patients, whether that practitioner is an oncologist, Naturopath or herbalist.


Praise for Botanical Oncology

“Dr. Daniel Weber has given all cancer care practitioners a real gift with his new book. This is a wonderful, easy-to-understand, well-organized, and comprehensive reference book that helps us to better understand the central role that herbs or botanicals, and their isolates, play in the healing of a cancer and in helping to prevent multi-drug resistance. This is an important and essential reference book for any physician who is treating patients with cancer.”

Robert Zieve, M.D. Participating Physician, An Oasis of Healing Integrative Cancer Clinic, Mesa, AZ., Medical Director, Healthy Medicine Academy, Editor-in-Chief, Cancer Strategies Journal

“For many years I have thought that isolating compounds directly from plants with known anti-cancer activity, and even complex extracts of plants, administered intravenously, along with oral botanical concentrates, could open new doors in cancer therapy. Daniel Weber, Ph.D. has pulled together an incredible treasure trove of information to serve as a basis for such an exploration, which I think will largely take place outside of the U.S. Dr. Weber has opened an important door, through which light from the millions of years of natures ‘clinical trials’ of plant evolution, may shine onto our understanding of how to heal cancer.” (Continued inside)

Dwight L. McKee MD, CNS, ABIHM, Diplomate American Boards of Medical Oncology, Hematology, nutrition, and Integrative and Holistic medicine

“Dr. Weber’s book is a formidable asset to all naturopaths wanting a deeper understanding of botanical oncology. The indications and applications of the many herbal isolates outlined and the ease of reference support my work with cancer patients the rationale of my suggested protocols. We have entered the age of a more integrated medical approach – this is what today’s cancer patients are wanting. To have access to Dr Weber’s evidence based work on herbs and isolates, the breakdown of cancercell lines is something that gives me, as a clinician, greater skill, confidence and understanding both of which are reflected in my clinical outcomes. The added advantage of including an ONLINE DATABASE is so exciting as the information and research provided will be continually updated. This book is what I have been waiting for and I can wholeheartedly recommend this to every Naturopathic Oncologist.”

Nina Tepass, ND

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