The China Study: Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Lose, and Long-Term Health


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By T. Collin Campbell
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781941631560
451 pages

What is good nutrition? This excellent text explores the answer to that question, and illumines, along the way, the landscape of our modern times — a “toxic food environment” — and its concurrent realities of diet and health. Replete with information, data, science, and common sense, it draws on the author’s 10-year “China Study,” a research and data compilation undertaking that examined the dietary, caloric, and cholesterol intake of 65,000 native Chinese in 24 provinces throughout the country, ranging from rich to very rich in plant-based foods, then compared the findings with the average American’s diet, ranging from rich to very rich in animal-based foods.

The topic presentation is engrossing and well written. Part One examines the problems and needed solutions. Part Two examines “Diseases of Affluence.” Part Three is a “Good Nutrition Guide,” and Part Four looks at why this solid information is so difficult to come by in our culture. As you read, you will discover, among other things, that synthetic chemicals are not the main cause of cancer; that your genetic inheritance is not preeminent in disease; that drug cures for diseases overlook more powerful available solutions; that obsessively controlling your intake of any one nutrient will not result in long-term health; that vitamin and nutrient supplements do not provide long-term disease protection; that drugs and surgery do not cure the diseases that kill most Americans; and that our doctor probably does not know what you need to do to be the healthiest you can be. By comprehending the information and data presented you can more fully understand diet and health. With such empowerment, you can make better, more informed choices. This book will give you a new framwork for understanding nutrition and health that will reduce confusion, help to prevent and treat disease, and allow for a more fulfilling life.

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