The Complete Guide of Self-Massage


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By Guo Changqing
Hardcover Books
ISBN 9781602200258
276 Pages

A Natural Way for Prevention and Treatment through Traditional Chinese Medicine

Learn all about Chinese acupressure therapy with this readable, illustrated guide.

Chinese acupressure is an ancient therapy using kneading, rubbing, pressing, and stroking to stimulate different acupoints on the body. It is a great way to relieve pain, soothe the nerves, improve skin condition and even prevent disease!

  • In The Complete Guide of Self-Massage, the theories based on traditional Chinese medicine are explained in simple language to provide a basic knowledge of:
  • The meridian system
    meridian pathways
  • Body network
  • Individual acupoints

Common massage techniques are demonstrated with detailed descriptions and illustrations. All techniques are self-massage methods—meaning that you can give yourself a massage without any help! A list of massage techniques that can combat the 50 most common illnesses is included along with suggestions on massage frequency and intensity.

About the Author:

Guo Changqing is an acupuncture professor, chief physician, and doctoral advisor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. He has released more than thirty research papers and thirty plus professional books such as Modern Study on Acupuncturology.

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