Essiac: A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy


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By Cynthia Olsen
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781890941000
129 pages, 5.50 x 8.50″

In 1922, Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse, made a discovery that would change her life and the course of cancer therapy. Caisse received the formula for an herbal remedy through a patient who had been successfully treated for breast cancer by a Native American medicine man. With this remedy, which she called Essiac, Caisse would go on to treat thousands of patients at an incredible recovery rate of 80%!

With Essiac’s key ingredients now available through health food stores, this book gives a complete account of the recipe, the doses, and of Essiac’s uses, and chronicles the experiences of patients who have attained relief from regeneration from this remarkable herbal preparation.

About the Author:

Cynthia B. Olsen is the author of a number of books in the field of health awareness. Ms. Olsen’s focus on health care and alternative health care products has enabled her to apply over twenty years of extensive research to avenues for improved health through diet, exercise, spiritual balance, and nutritional supplements.

Praise for Essiac

“I have taken Essiac every day since my diagnosis and my recent examination has given me a clean book of health. I endorse this therapy for I have in fact cured my own cancer, the original site of which was the lower bowel, through ESSIAC alone.”

-Charles A. Brusch, M.D.

“Four years ago I was diagnosed with lymphoma. The doctors administered chemotherapy for four months. They told me that my cancer had spread to my organs, Liver and spleen. For the next year the tests showed no improvement and bumps began to appear under my chin. Shortly after that I started on Essiac. I have been off chemotherapy for three years now. I haven’t had a cold in four years. I was at death’s door and today I am running.”


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