Feng Shui and Health: The Anatomy of a Home


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By Nancy SantoPietro
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9780609806616
444 pages, 7.00 x 9.00″

Having studied with Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yin Rinpoche, the author went on to become a popular feng shui consultant and lecturer. Her book, based on the ba gua school of feng shui, provides a detailed overview of the connection between illness, recovery, and health and the feng shui of living and working spaces. Beginning with an introduction to feng shui itself, the book moves into the energy patterns of illness, feng shui methods for diagnosing illness and adjusting chi, and the impact of the chakras and color on health. Discussions include the nine crucial feng shui health principles, floor plans that can harbinger illness and how to avoid them, a feng shui health assessment of your home or office, identifying and impeding the vibrational patterns of illness, and complementary therapies (chakra work, aromatherapy, crystals, sound therapy, and color breathing) to enhance traditional treatments. Illustrations, charts, meditations, exercises, and before-and-after diagrams of redesigned spaces make this an interesting and valuable book for creating healthy feng shui in interior spaces.

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