Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong: Essential NeiGong for Health and Spiritual Transformation


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By Zhongxian Wu & Karen Taylor Wu
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781848191037
176 pages, 6.00 x 9.00″

Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong is a traditional Chinese internal alchemy method that embodies the spirit of the rising dragon, an auspicious symbol of transformation in Chinese culture. The form works directly on the meridians, releasing areas of stagnation and bringing the physical and emotional body into a balanced state of wellbeing.

Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong is a key Qigong form for those seeking healing from cancer and other significant life challenges, and is the practice the authors turned to in order to transform the grief over their son’s death.

This book provides background information and a detailed description of the form itself, illustrated with calligraphy, meridian drawings, and photographs throughout.

About the Authors:

Master Zhongxian Wu is the lineage holder of four different schools of Qigong and martial arts since 1988, Master Wu has instructed thousands of students, both Eastern and Western. Master Wu is the author of Vital Breath of the Dao, Seeking the Spirit of the Book of Change, The 12 Chinese Animals and Chinese Shamanic Cosmic Orbit Qigong.

Dr. Karin Taylor Wu graduated from one of the seven federally accredited medical schools in North America that train primary care physicians in complementary and alternative medicine. Drawing on the strength of modern science and ancient wisdom, Dr. Taylor Wu currently serves as the medical director of Blue Willow World Health Center.

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