A Handbook of Chinese Healing Herbs

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By Daniel Reid
Trade Paperback Books
ISBN 9781570620935
328 Pages

Traditional Chinese medicine is perhaps the oldest system of health care in the world—and one of the safest and most effective. This first easy-to-use pocket guide provides everything readers need to know to explore Chinese herbal medicine for themselves. The book includes:

  • A brief overview of the basic terms and concepts of traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Simple instructions on how to prepare herbal formulas at home.
  • An illustrated guide to 108 of the most widely used Chinese herbs, with descriptions, therapeutic effects, preparation methods, and dosages.
  • A guide to dozens of readily available prepared herbal formulas for common ailments.
  • An index of symptoms and ailments.
  • Listings of mail-order houses for herbs, herbal formulas, and other supplies.
  • Suggestions for further reading.

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