Heavenly Stems Earthly Branches, TianGan DiZhi: The Heart of Chinese Wisdom Traditions


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By Zhongxian Wu & Karin Taylor
Paperback book
ISBN 9781848191518
268 pages, 7.00 x 10.00″

Essential reading for serious students of Chinese practical arts, including medicine, martial arts and FengShui, Master Zhongxian Wu and Dr Karin Taylor Wu provide a detailed explanation of the 22 GanZhi symbols in this book, outlining the characteristics of each, and their interactions and relationships.

TianGan (Heavenly Stems) and DiZhi (Earthly Branches), commonly abbreviated to GanZhi, originated in the ancient Chinese cosmological sciences and is a complex calendrical system which was created to codify the patterns of life and of the universe itself. The ten symbols of Gan express the Yin or Yang perspective of Five Elements and embody the Way of Heaven. The 12 symbols of Zhi, made manifest in the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, hold the root of each Element and embrace the Way of Earth.

Poetic summaries from the Song dynasty give the reader a deep understanding of the nature of each Stem and their relationship to each other. Offering an unprecedented insight into the subtleties and far-reaching influence of this ancient system, this book will be invaluable for the study or practice of Chinese medicine, FengShui, Chinese astrology, traditional Chinese cosmology, Qigong, Taiji, and other inner cultivation practices.

Praise for Heavenly Stems Earthly Branches TianGan DiZhi

“This book offers an unprecedented contribution to Daoism, the Yijing, Traditional medicine, internal alchemy and Qigong practice to the English-speaking world.”

-Grandmaster Ren FaRong, Chinas leading scholar of the DaoDeJing and Daoist internal alchemy and president of the Chinese Daoist Association

“Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches – TianGan DiZhi: The Heart of Chinese Wisdom Traditions will help you master the secrets of the GanZhi.”

-Professor Fei BingXun, president of Chinese Yijing College, author, and China’s leading Yijing (I Ching) scholar

“A must read for every serious student of classical Chinese medicine and ancient cosmology”

-Heiner Fruehauf, Ph. D., Founding Professor, School of Classical Chinese Medicine, National College of Natural Medicine

“From, to, and for the Great Oneness comes a soul size gift in the form of a book – Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches.”

-Dianne M. Connelly, Ph.D., M.Ac. (UK), co-founder of Tai Sophia Institute (now Maryland University of Integrative Health), author, and Chinese medicine practitioner

“This beautiful and timely book re-established Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches as a central tenet of Chinese philosophy and an intimate part of Chinese medicine, not an optional extra. Liberally illustrated with the diagrams and backed by classical quotations, quietly authoritative writers Zhongxian Wu and Karin Taylor Wu share their deep knowledge to produce a kaleidoscopic presentation, bridging the ancient Chinese traditions of medicine, Yin Yang Five Phase theory, Yijing studies, cosmology, music, and internal alchemy. From star pattern etymology for Chinese characters to practical seasonal advice, from discussion of the application of hidden stems to the complexities of alchemical transformation, this book series as an essential primer that will be of use to beginner and advanced practitioner alike in the study of the pulsing rhythms of unfolding time.”

-Peter Firebrace, Past Principles of the International College of Oriental Medicine, co-founder of Monkey Press, acupuncturist, author, and teacher

“This is an excellent portrayal of the philosophy of the Stems and Branches – TianGan DiZhi! … It also introduces those new to this area of Chinese culture and medicine to exciting concepts that will help to take clinical practice to another dimension.”

-Sam Patel, Joint Principal, The International College of Oriental Medicine

“I am grateful to Master Wu and Dr. Karin Taylor Wu for their inspiration and for opening gateways into the hidden knowledge of the fundamentals of Chinese medicine.”

-Joan Duveen M.Ac., practitioner and teacher of acupuncture according to the Heavenly Stems and Earthy Branches

“Written with a distinctive flair for Chinese scholarship, this book cuts deep into the heart of the matter. If you strive to achieve a better understanding of your Chinese art, this book will certainly guide you towards the correct path.”

-Ioannis Solos, Chinese medicine practitioner, research and author, Beijing, China.

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