Interpreting Chronic Illness


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By Jerry M. Kantor
Trade Paperback Book
ISBN 9780984678808
229 Pages

The Convergence of Traditional Chinese Medicine Homeopathy and Biomedicine

Available at long last, the first, genuinely integrative medicine text. Physicians, nurses, alternative practitioners, or chiropractors investigating integrative medicine will welcome Interpreting Chronic Illness for its clinical relevance: the physician may look to broaden the concepts of health and healing; the homeopath will appreciate its fresh materia medica; the practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine will value how the book’s updating of the Five Phases heightens the ancient system’s relevance. Psychologists and psychotherapists may delve into the clinical possibilities raised by the book’s self-diagnosis mandala and the startling capability it offers of interpreting multifactorial symptoms. As a health care practitioner unable to find a well-rounded book on integrative medicine, the author’s discovery of a unique analytical method, Sense Dimensional Analysis, encouraged him to create Interpreting Chronic Illness as a systematically integrated book. Readers may come to share the author’s own excitement in exploring the uses of this comprehensive, philosophically based, and powerful pragmatic tool. Accolades for Interpreting Chronic Illness.

Praise for Interpreting Chronic Illness:

“Jerry Kantor has successfully integrated the disciplines of homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and biomedicine into pragmatic healing approaches that busy practitioners can readily and easily apply to common clinical presentations. Multimodal management and integrative medicine techniques, while certainly the best approach to medical conditions, can be deceptively complex. Jerry’s explanations and guidelines are the perfect balance of background information and recommendations allowing the clinician to effectively supplement their treatment armamentarium.”

-Mark Scheutzow MD, PhD, DHom, NMD, FAAIM, DABHM, DAAPM

“A brilliant and groundbreaking work by an integrative practitioner who ‘speaks the language’ of three very different healing paradigms–biomedicine (modern Western medicine), Traditional Chinese Medicine and homeopathy. By illumining each in the light of the others, he brings the CAM modalities from a subservient role as ‘alternative medicine’ to full participation as ‘complementary.’ Kantor simultaneously updates the Five Elements model of acupuncture; provides fresh insights into the major homeopathic remedies based on the Five Elements model; and shows how both can address the diagnostic categories of biomedicine. This will be an essential book for practitioners and students of all three modalities who want to expand their healing paradigm.”

-Begabati Leninhan, RN, CCH, Former Director of the Teleosis School of Homeopathy

“A seminal work of probing, integrative intelligence, Jerry Kantor’s Interpreting Chronic Illness systematically lays out how Nature, personal temperament and life experience constitute the crucible for chronic illness and, in turn, the laboratory for self-understanding. It will consolidate and advance the thinking of practitioners of acupuncture and homeopathy, and will challenge Western-trained health care professionals to think of illness and disease as more than just invading pathogens.”

-Eugene L. Pogany, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, author of In My Brother’s Image

“Much of American medicine is based on the belief that disease is an entity that flies through the air and lands on the unlucky, whereupon we ‘do battle’ with it. Jerry Kantor persuades us otherwise. I won’t let another physician touch me until he/she has read this book.” –William Martin Sloane, PhD, Vice President, American Association of Integrative Medicine “I know of no other body of work, in the science of homeopathic medicine which demystifies the core essence of homeopathic materia medica as does Kantor’s brilliant work.”

-Georgianna Donadio, PhD, Florence Nightingale Scholar, Director of the National Institute of Whole Health

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