Principles of Chinese Medical Andrology: An AIntegrated Approach to Male Reproductive and Urological Health -eBook


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By Bob Damone
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ISBN 9781891845451
426 pages

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This book is an advanced textbook and clinical manual devoted to the treatment of andrological diseases with Chinese medicine, written for English-speaking students and practitioners of Chinese medicine. Book 1 introduces the foundations of Chinese andrology, beginning with a short history of andrology in Chinese medicine and progressing to discussions of anatomy of the male genitourinary system; the channels and network vessels; the viscera and bowels; disease causes and pathomechanisms; Chinese andrological diseases and general treatment principles. Book 2 covers specific andrological diseases including their definition; Western medical perspective; causes and pathomechanisms; disease and pattern discrimination; treatment principles; treatment with Chinese medicinals and acumoxa therapy; representative Chinese research abstracts, and case studies.

The major evidence-based complementary Western herbs and supplements for each condition are also included, as Western patients are often already taking them by the time they seek the help of a physician of Chinese medicine or they are interested in taking them. Further, because the reader of this book is most likely to be a Western English-speaking person, the material is organized by Western medical disease categories, and each Western medical disease is reframed into its constituent Chinese disease categories. Without question, this book offers a major contribution towards a greater understanding of men’s health and illness for those in the West to study or practice Chinese medicine.

About the author:

Bob Damone, M.S., L.Ac, has over 18 years of experience as a practitioner and teacher of Chinese internal medicine. He reads medical Chinese and has studied Chinese medicine in Taiwan and in mainland China. He has been teaching at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for over 12 years, where he is currently chair of the department of Oriental medicine, and he is one of the most respected practitioners and teachers of Chinese medicine in the San Diego area. Bob is the co-translator of Ten Lectures on the Use of Formulas from the Personal Experience of Jiao Shu-de, and co-author of A Heart Approach to Gynecology; Essentials in Verse.

Praise for Principles of Chinese Medical Andrology -eBook

“Principles of Chinese Medical Andrology is well organized, easy to use, and provides its readers with comprehensive discussions of the men’s disorders most commonly seen in clinical practice. Easily the best English language reference of its kind to date; if one were limited to owning a single textbook on the topic, it should be this one.”

-Charles Chase, co-translator, The Systematic Classic of Acupuncture & Moxibustion

“As the first comprehensive English text exploring the use of Chinese medicine for male diseases, Bob Damone’s Principles of Chinese Medical Andrology makes a significant contribution to the development of Chinese medicine in the West. Broad in scope and carefully compiled, it will certainly remain a foundational source text for students and practitioners for many years to come.”

-Nigel Wiseman, co-author, Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine

“… researching both the classical and modern clinical literature, Bob Damone has insightfully compiled a practical diagnostic and therapeutic resource. Reliably translated and clearly expressed without glossing over the critical details, any practitioner will find Principles of Chinese Medical Andrology easy-to-understand and apply in practice.”

-Robert L. Felt, Publisher, Paradigm Publications

“With a depth of scholarly research that often surpasses even the Chinese source texts that inspired it, Bob Damone has created a masterpiece that weaves centuries of accumulated knowledge into one well- organized, clinically-focused reference work. The authenticity, accuracy, and utility of this text will make it the defining work in the field of Chinese medical andrology for decades to come.”

-Eric Brand, M.S., L.Ac., co-author, Concise Chinese Materia Medica


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