Principles and Themes in Yoga Therapy


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By James Foulkes
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781848192485

Explaining principles and underpinning ideas present in yoga therapy, James Foulkes identifies an approach leading to an effective yoga therapy practice. Applying a flexible principles-based approach, he explores the concept of delivering yoga therapeutically and discusses ways of thinking about anatomy that focus on the wholeness of the human being, using theories, illustrations and case studies. Along with a brief history of yoga therapy, this guide offers rich techniques for improved personal and professional practice.


This book is designed for yoga therapists who wish to deepen their practice, and their clients, who are committed to a return to vibrant health.

Ths book can be read cover to cover, but it will be most valuable to the reader if they can sit down and study each theme or topic one at a time.

There aer different ways to assimilate and explore creative avenues.

The reader can:

  • let the topic rattle around for awhile in their consciousness
  • notice how it shows up in their world (life, work and personal practice)
  • meditate on the theme, allowing the subconscious and other non-ordinary inputs to participate
  • study details in more depth (such as any anatomical information)
  • play extensively with the exercises – notice whether this principle or topic is easy to feel or difficult, and ask why
  • begin to explore, including the theme or principle into their own self-practice and exploring what it brings in .

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