Seiki Jutsu: The Practice of Non-Subtle Energy Medicine


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By Bradford Keeney & Hillary Keeney
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781620552346

Seiki jutsu is the ancient Japanese shamanic art of working with concentrated life-force energy for self-healing, revitalization, creativity, and inspiration. Known in Tantra as kundalini and to the Kalahari Bushman as n/om, seiki has been called “activated and strengthened chi” and is often described as a “non-subtle” energy because it is strongly felt when awakened. Centering on spontaneity of movement to gather and transmit seiki, the practice of seiki jutsu does not require years of training of endless memorization of forms. Once you have received seiki, your daily practice will teach you to activate the flow of this powerful energy to recharge your body, mind, and spirit and empower you to find your unique destiny.

Renowned seiki jutsu masters Bradford and Hillary Keeney detail the history and lineage of seiki jutsu beginning in the 8th-century Japan and reveal how this ancient practice was used by the samurai. The authors show how seiki underlies the “flow experience” sought after by artists, musicians, athletes, and performers of all types. They explain how to recognize the awakening of seiki, guiding you through the stages of seiki development with stories of healings they have participated in or witnessed. They reveal how to develop your own daily practice for self-healing and renewal as well as provide active exercises to discover your life’s purpose, infuse your everyday activities with seiki, and motivate yourself to create a fulfilling life. They show that no method of performance, spiritual practice, or philosophy of life can fully awaken unless you are instilled with sufficient seiki. Regarded in Japan as “the fountain of youth”, seiki jutsu provides a way to bring maximum vitality into every aspect of life.

About the Author’s:

Bradford Keeney, Ph.D., is a renowned traditional healer, teacher, therapist, and professor at the University of Louisiana. Chosen as the authorized successor to Ikuko Osumi, the foremost practitioner of seiki jutsu in the 20th century, he has spent more than 40 years studying seiki in diverse healing cultures. He is the author of Bushman Shaman and Shaking Medicine.

Hillary Keeney, Ph.D., is a traditional healer, senior research fellow at the University of Louisiana, and distinguished visiting professor at Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla in Mexico.

Together the authors cofounded the Keeney Institute for Healing in New Orleans.

Praise for Seiki Jutsu

“Brad and Hillary Keeney are authentic healers who transmit the energetic life force. Their work reveals a remarkable, rejuvenating, and healing spiritual practice from Japan that promises to open new ways of experiencing your every day. The Keeneys and their teaching of seiki jutsu will change your world.”

-Carl A. Hammerschlag, M.D., chief of community mental health at Gesundheit! Institute and author of The Dancing Healers and The Theft of the Spirit.

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