Shiatsu: the Complete Guide (Used)


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By Chris Jarmey & Gabriel Mojay
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9780722539149
256 pages

These books are sold as “used” and therefore may have slight transit/use damage, such as small scratches, corner damage. These books are sold as-is.

Shiatsu is the definitive guide and reference book for beginners through to students and practitioners. Anyone with a serious interest in bodywork will find Shiatsu their indispensable textbook.

Covering a broad range of issues and information, Shiatsu includes:

  • the concept of Ki – the energy in all living things
  • the essential elements and components of shiatsu
  • how to use the different body parts – hands, palms, thumbs,
    fingers, forearms, knees and feet
  • energy channels and how they are used in shiatsu
    basic treatment techniques
  • shiatsu therapy and traditional Oriental medicine
    forms of Oriental diagnosis

Illustrated throughout, Shiatsu takes the reader in depth through the mental, physical, and spiritual elements of Shiatsu practice.

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