Tendon and Ligament Healing


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By William Weintraub
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9780912111735
236 pages, 7.00 x 9.50″

In 25 years of practicing structural/osteopathic manual therapy the author has done considerable work with seriously damaged tendons and ligaments, and has achieved results that conventional medicine would rate as improbable. Over time, he has developed a therapeutic model for treating these injuries so that individuals with chronic conditions — who have exhausted the standard physiotherapy options and are facing surgery — can have a viable option for recovery.

His techniques, based on basic principles of structural healthcare, emphasize the importance of precise anatomical focus and the capacity to work with subtle changes of structure. Of essential importance is combining detailed specific treatment of the small fibers and tissues of the local injury area with an overall approach to improving larger body patterns and tensions. Logically, the responsiveness and self-corrective capacity of body tissues when given proper conditions is also an important factor.

The primary techniques used are the osteopathic methods of strain-counterstrain, cranial and visceral osteopathy, and fascial release, as well as body-mind centering, zero balancing, and acupressure. His clinical model, which represents a new approach to serious, chronic tendon and ligament injuries, is based on these techniques, their combinations and specific usage, and the skills and aptitudes necessary for applying these techniques, including certain perceptual skills and a thorough knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology.

Weintraub’s descriptions are vital, interesting, alive, absorbing, even dramatic. He discusses at great length the nature of the tendons and ligaments, describes his manual therapy model — comparing it with conventional medical procedures — and covers processes and tissue changes in tendon/ligament healing as related to manual therapy. Case studies, self-help strategies, and thoughtful words on clinical efficacy and future directions in the field make for a thorough and well-rounded presentation.

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