Top Tung Acupuncture Points


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By Brad Whisnant
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9798718998900
164 pages, 8.50 x 11.00″

All the points you need to master Tung acupuncture. New, easy to understand images and explanations of how the points work, how to needle them, and how to combine them with other points. Clinical pearls about each point. You don’t need to know all the points to be proficient. We have cut out the points that are not used often in modern clinics. For the first time, the TCM indications are included with each point.

The authors studied Tung acupuncture with Master Wei Chih Young and Dr T.F. Tan. They have compiled an excellent resource for TCM practitioners interested in using Tung acupuncture in their clinical practice. This work describes the Tung points most used in their personal clinical experience, which is to say those that treat most modern western diseases.

The root of the Tung diagnostic method is in fact the five zang organs, and treating the reaction area is the secret of treating the five Zang organs. In diagnosis, Master Tung himself classified all diseases as either a qi disease, or a blood disease. Thus the zang fu diagnosis and classical indications included in this book are helpful for those new to the Tung-style protocols.

Another focus of this book is on explicating the Dao Ma concept, using either two or three points together. Dr. Tung did not greatly concern himself with supplementing or draining needle techniques, but rather with powerfully ‘obtaining qi’ to influence the ‘Reaction Areas’ of the points needled. Master Tung said, “The faster we can bring Qi to the point, the faster we can heal disease.” Accordinigly, the depth of any needle is where the Qi arrives.

As the authors note, “Tung acupuncture is straightforward. You insert the needles, breathe, and heal. That is it! There are no tricks, no magic, no guessing, and no hoping that you relieved the pain. You know it immediately. It is easy, safe, reliable, consistent, and effective acupuncture.”

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