Transformation and Recovery


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By Alex G. Brumbaugh
Trade Paperback Book
ISBN 9780963979100
518 Pages

A Guide for the Design and Development of Acupuncture- Based Chemical Dependency Treatment Programs

Transformation and Recovery is the only definitive book on acupuncture and addiction recovery.

More than a manual or “how-to” book, Transformation and Recovery offers a bold and insightful philosophical and historical interpretation of addiction and recovery.

Transformation and Recovery: A Guide for the Design and Development of Acupuncture-Based Chemical Dependency Treatment Programs has become a standard reference for acupuncturists and for addiction treatment programs who have added or wish to add acupuncture as an integrated treatment component.

This groundbreaking book has been used as a textbook in Colleges of Oriental Medicine and is a recommended resource for Certification by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association.

Transformation and Recovery Includes:

  • Over 300 footnotes and a comprehensive bibliography
  • The classic and comprehensive Literature Review, “Auricular Acupuncture for Chemical Dependency,” by Dr. Ruth Ackerman
  • “So You Want to Start an Acupuncture Treatment Program for Detoxification, Relapse Prevention, and Preparation for Counseling” – A Case History of the Development of an Acupuncture Demonstration Program, by Dr. Ruth Ackerman.
  • Full text of the article “Acupuncture: New Perspectives in Chemical Dependency Treatment,” published by Alex Brumbaugh by the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment in 1993 – the first non-research article supporting acupuncture to appear in a major journal.
  • “A Counselor’s Guide to Acupuncture in the Treatment of Addiction,” by Cally Haber and Charles Singer, Santa Cruz, California.

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