Treatment of Disease with Acupuncture Volume 2: A Complete Course in Acupuncture -eBook


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By James Tin Yau So
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ISBN 9780812111780
400 pages

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Beginning with needle selection, needle preparation, preparation of the patient, and a variety of needling techniques, this clinical text progresses to detailed discussions of moxibustion and a systematic approach to treatment planning. The first section ends with concise and accessible tables of ear points and ear acupuncture prescriptions. The second section discusses diagnosis and

the development of a practical guide to the four examinations. The third section presents the basic Chinese medical theories: six evils, five elements, yin-yang and chi, with an extremely practical emphasis, ending with advice on diet therapy. The fourth section covers 126 specific conditions ranging from simple, easily cured conditions to complex, life-threatening states.

Each treatment contains a brief statement of cause, a description of the symptoms, and a differentiation of the presenting symptoms according to severity, location, or pathology, with a step-by-step treatment plan that considers point selection, order, technique, and the observations to be made during treatment. Herbal scripts, traditional foods, or applications are also noted. The book is supplemented with a section of case histories, an extensive and detailed index, and a cross-reference to herbal

formulas and acupoint information found in Vol.1, the Book of Acupuncture Points.


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