Vibrational Acupuncture


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By Mary Elizabeth Wakefield & MichaelAngelo
Hardcover Book
ISBN 9781848193437
280 Pages

Integrating Tuning Forks with Needles

This ground-breaking book introduces the theory and practice of Vibrational Acupuncture™, and presents practical techniques that integrate the use of precision calibrated Ohm planetary tuning forks and acupuncture needles on the points and meridians of the face and body.

Sound healing therapy is rapidly gaining recognition as an important complementary medicine modality; this ground-breaking book uniquely presents techniques, based upon Chinese medicine theory, for integrating the use of precision calibrated Ohm planetary tuning forks and acupuncture needles, to create a new modality, Vibrational Acupuncture™. The chapters include:

  • An overview of Quantum Music Theory™
  • Guidelines for using tuning forks with or without needles
  • Insights into our genetic imprint, the Eight Extraordinary meridians
  • Anti-exhaustion treatments for readers caught in an excessively busy and dissonant world
  • Treatments for saggy neck and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)
  • Treatments for balancing the twin hemispheres of the brain, and alchemically lacing the Three Jiaos
  • An introduction to vibrational remedies and more
  • An overview of the use of healing sound as a palliative to global technological addiction, and how it restores essential harmony to a world that is seriously out of balance

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