Western Herbs from the Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective


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By Florian Ploberger
Hardcover book
ISBN 9783901618949
255 pages, 8.00 x 11.00″

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and thus also Chinese phytotherapy is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, so-called “Western Herbs”, which are available to us in the West, are described and therapeutically applied according to TCM criteria. This book describes about 150 herbs such as rosemary, basil, lady’s mantle, fumitory, dandelion etc. Besides their English names, pharmaceutical, botanical and German names are also listed for each herb. In addition, a description of the parts of the plants used, their taste, temperature effect, the organs involved and doses is provided as well as detailed descriptions of the actions and individual fields of application of individual herbs.

It is a translation of the 6th revised edition of the book “Westliche Krauter aus Sicht der Traditionellen Chinesischen Medizin”.

Your advantages:

  • Comprehensive introductory chapters
  • Clearly structured Materia medica
  • High practical orientation
  • Comprehensive index

This book serves as an important source of information both for beginners and for experienced therapists.

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