What’s Wrong With My Marijuana Plant?


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By David Deardorgg & Kathryn Wadsworth
Trade paperback book
ISBN 780399578984

What are those spots on my leaves?

What are those buys hopping around?

Why is my plant refusing to grow buds… and how do I fix it?

Now you can identify, repair, and prevent the problems that plague your pot plants–fast. What’s Wrong with My Marijuana Plant? is the first problem-solving book for marijuana growers with an easy-to-use diagnostic system pioneered by plant pathologists David Deardorff and garden writer Kathryn Wadsworth in their successful “What’s Wrong With My …” garden book series. Guided questions about symptoms are heavily illustrated with precise photography to allow rapid and accurate diagnosis of pest, disease, and environmental problems, while safe, effective, all-organic solutions protect your health and the health of your plants. Written in easily understandable, non-technical language, this is an essential resource for beginning and experienced growers alike.

Praise for What’s Wrong With My Marijuana Plant?

“This is one of the best books I’ve seen for guiding the gardener through the maze of maladies that can visit garden plants.”

-Washington Post

“The information is concise…. The illustrations are clear, the remedies organic.”

-New York Times

“This book makes diagnosing a plant problem super easy. I have never seen anything quite like it.”

-Louisville Sentinel-News

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