Accessing the Way of the Soul through Color


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By Terres Unsoeld, Fabien Maman and Patricia Janusz
Hardcover book
ISBN 9780979552502
327 pages

This splendidly produced book is the definitive journey of color from star to cell, according to the Masters’ Lineage. From the source of Pure Light the authors retrace our steps through the 7 Rays, Zodiac, Kaballah, to our subtle energy fields (Aura), chakras, five elements, acupuncture meridians and organs, thence grounding our Soul, through color, into the cellular memory and DNA of the physical body.

On a practical level, this book offers 12 color chapters, complete with meditations, affirmations, poetry, and self-practice for each of the Rainbow Rays of Consciousness. There is also new information on the Future Rays. Tama-Do Color Tools help readers to experience, connect with, and express their Soul Potentials through the Divine qualities of each color. Fabien Maman offers some private insight into his own personal “Way of the Soul” – giving guidance for others to follow.

Bound in a classic magenta hard cover, it has 327 pages and more than 300 glossy color photos of sunrises, landscapes, and flowers from around the world, along with Maman’s amazing Kirlian photographs of human cells and Hubble telescope photos of outer space. One might say that this is the first comprehensive book on the spiritual aspects of color – in color!

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