Acutone New System of Healing


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By Dean Lloyd & John Pirog
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9780967698502
182 pages

In ancient China, specific sounds and channel points were combined in therapy. Centuries later, accomplished clinicians such as Yoshio Manaka explored the clinical possibilities of using tone and point combination treatments. Drawing from their backgrounds in music and in both Japanese-style five-phase therapy and Chinese-style TCM, and from the work of their predecessors, the authors pay homage to ancient knowledge while presenting their own innovative healing modality that uses pure sound to harmonize the meridians and to invigorate the body’s energy. It is based on the true Chinese pentatonic and chromatic scales. The tools required are simple, the knowledge base required is a foundation in acupuncture or Eastern bodywork.

Health care professionals will be eager to utilize this presentation of systematic diagnosis and treatment protocols for both five-phase and twelve-channel applications using tones, to enhance their treatment options and contribute to the healing of their patients.

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