Art of Acupuncture Techniques


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By Robert Johns
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781556432309

Johns calls on acupuncturists to redress the “loss of the kinds of subtlety and nuance that increase the definition and clarity of understanding, and that in turn support a more fully integrated treatment approach” by attending to the features of classical Chinese acupuncture. He provides a review of principles followed by sections on point selection and technique. His emphasis is on the development of treatment plans based on the classical approach. The book covers ancient methods of point selection, creating acupoint prescriptions, classical needling techniques, moxibustion techniques, and other special methods.

About the author:

Robert Johns, Since 1984, he has taught traditional Chinese medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area at San Francisco College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, San Francisco State University, the American College of Traditional Chinese MEdicine, The Meiji College of Oriental Medicine, and the University of California at san Francisco. He is liscensed as a Qi Gong instructor by Beijing Peoples’ Univeristy and presently maintains a private practice in Berkeley, California.

Praise for Art of Acupuncture Techniques

“In this overview of acupuncture techniques, Dr. Johns shows us the application of Chinese medical theory to some of his own difficult cases, providing fascinating reading. This is a major contribution to the literature of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.”

-Lixin Huang, President, American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

“Not since Ted Kaptchuk’s magnificent The Web Has No Weaver have we had as readable and clear book about acupuncture. This is the growing, evolving Oriental medicine that is both infinitely simple and complex.”

-David Molony, Executive Director, American Association of Oriental Medicine

“Dr. Johns apprenticeship with a master practitioner shines through in his reference for the artistry of diagnosis and treatment. A welcome reference text for all acupuncturists.”

-Nigel Dawes, Academic Dean, The New Center, Syosset, New York

“Robert Johns draws from the knowledge of master acupuncturist Dr. Andrew Tseng, the classics of Chinese medical literature, and his own empirical knowledge to show how theory combines with medical practice.”

-Patricia Kennan, Visiting Faculty, Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fuzhou, China.

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