Acupuncture: From Symbol to Clinical Practice


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By Jean-Marc Kespi
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9780939616794
314 pages, 7.00 x 10.00″

Through his decades-long experience as a practitioner, Dr. Jean-Marc Kespi has returned to the ancient roots of acupuncture and developed an approach to choosing the best points for a given situation. Traditional symbolism, as reflected in the names of points and descriptions of physiological processes, can offer clues to correlating the rules of medicine and the manifestations of health or illness in the human body. Dr. Kespi’s approach utilizes this theoretical base, and proceeds from symbol to a specific diagnosis and therapeutic action, and onto the insertion of a needle in a precise point on the body. In this manner he shows the practitioner how to see beyond the symptoms and address the whole person, thereby providing more effective treatments. With keen insight into the meanings of individual points, Dr. Kespi typically uses only one to three needles to treat the disequilibrium found at the root level. In addition to laying out his ideas on the foundations of acupuncture, Dr. Kespi shares his wide experience in this book through over 100 case studies, which give the reader the opportunity to see the clinical efficacy of this method.

Praise for Acupuncture: From Symbol to Clinical Practice:

“This is the work of a seasoned practitioner and teacher writing in his mature years, confident in his knowledge and the accuracy of his approach. [Dr. Kespi] honors his fundamental principle throughout: to respond to the body’s needs without preconception or anticipation, searching rationally and intuitively for the best points at the moment of each treatment session.”

-Joseph Helms, M.D., from the Foreword

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