Anatomy of the Moving Body: A Basic Course in Bones, Muscles, and Joints


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By Theodore Dimon Jr.
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781556437205

Anatomy of the Moving Body is a complete course in bones, muscles, and joints designed specifically for dancers, movement educators, students, and somatic therapists. In this comprehensive second edition, Theodore Dimon simultaneously demystifies and brings to life the structure and mechanics of the human body. Featuring all-new illustrations that use a three-dimensional digital model of the human anatomical form, this book contains thirty-one chapters, each covering a distinct region of the body. Muscles, bones, and joints are not only named, but also explained using down-to-Earth language. Topics include anatomical terminology; origins and attachments of muscles and their related actions; discussion of major functional systems such as the pelvis, ankle, shoulder girdle, and hand; and structures relating to breathing and vocalization.

About the author:

Dr. Theodore (Ted) Dimon is an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia Teachers College and the founder and director of the Dimon Institute in New York City. The Institute is based on Dr. Dimon’s pioneering work in the new field of Neurodynamics, or the study of the human mental and physical “operating system” as a holistic entity and how it works in activity. Based on a multi-disciplinary approach that includes work in neuroscience, anatomy, evolution, physiology, psychology, philosophy and mindfulness, Dimon’s work provides a groundbreaking view of human functioning and behavior leading to new foundational principles applicable in the fields of health, education, and child development. Dr. Dimon received both master’s and doctorate degrees in education from Harvard University and is an internationally renowned teacher of mind/body disciplines. He has written five books including Anatomy of the Moving Body, The Body in Motion, Your Body, Your Voice, The Elements of Skill, and The Undivided Self. He lectures internationally and also runs a training program for students and teachers of Neurodynamics at the Dimon Institute.

Praise for Anatomy of the Moving Body

“More than just clear, concise and accurate, Dimon’s Anatomy of the Moving Body also wonderfully expresses the joy of musculoskeletal anatomic understanding – its marvelous vocabulary and endlessly fascinating relations of structure and function.”

-John H.M. Austin, MD, Professor of Radiology, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University.

“Anatomy of the Moving Body is superb work for students and teachers. Ted Dimon’s work is straightforwardly written, beautifully illustrated, and put forth with a sensibility of one who understands not simply how we are organized, but how our structure is able to move with grace and beauty. The conversational tone makes the book accessible and the information is conveyed with a sense not only of where things lie, but how they can operate most harmoniously. This book is an important contribution to our understanding of anatomy and an essential part of the training of those of us who are interested in the human form in balance, health, and motion.”

-Anne Bluethenthal, Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer.

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