Crystals for Karmic Healing


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By Nicholas Pearson
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781620556184

As direct geometrical expressions of the divine, crystals have the ability to work upon the soul at the deepest levels. The more mindfully and conscientiously we spend time with these crystalline forms, the more crystalline we become in terms of our spiritual bodies and their inner, holographic perfection. As potent catalysts of elevated consciousness and overall spiritual growth, crystals and gemstones offer a powerful resource for resolving negative karmic patterns and realigning you with the light of your soul’s purpose.

Detailing the spiritual and chemical interpretations of more than 50 healing stones, as well as fossils, flint, and amber, Nicholas Pearson guides readers through the how and why of resolving karmic knots and obstructions with the help of crystals. He offers hands-on crystal meditations and demonstrates how to use crystal grids and layouts for healing karma. He explains how to cleanse and program stones and shares more advanced crystal exercises for past-life regression, cutting karmic cords, releasing off-world karma and cellular memories, and accessing the Akashic records to reveal your soul’s blueprint and rewrite its contracts with higher powers.

Explaining how to incorporate color, chakra therapy, gem elixers, and dreamwork in your karmic crystal practice, Pearson also explores how to access the violet flame of the spiritual alchemy, the seventh ray, to transmute restrictive karmic patterns. He introduces the lords of karma and other spirit guides, gods, goddesses, and angels who can help with karmic healing. He offers guidance on what stones are appropriate for everyday wear and on working with crystal skulls, Lemurian seed crystals, shungite, and time link crystals. The author also explains how crystals can be used to resolve planetary karma, releasing us into the next phase in the collective transformation of humanity. Unveiling the inner teachings of the mineral kingdom, Pearson shows that if you work with crystals consciously, reverently, and humbly, your life will transform.

Praise for Crystals and Karmic Healing

“Enlightening and accessible, Crystals for Karmic Healing presents a path to spiritual transformation. Complete with an excellent directory of stones and wonderful ways to use them, Nicholas Pearson guides readers to connect with the power of crystals on a deeply personal level.”

-EMBER GRANT, author of The book of Crystal Spells

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