Ayurvedic Medicine: Principles of Traditional Practice


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By Sebastian Pole
Hardcover book
ISBN 9781848191136
399 pages, 7.50 x 9.50″

This work is an ideal text for herbal practitioners and students alike, providing a rich understanding of ayurvedic principles and a highly practical materia medica of over 80 ayurvedic remedies, each carefully denoted with common Indian name, Sanskrit and Latin name, descriptive, color photo (prepared and fresh), energetics, constitutents, ayurvedic action, biomedical action, indications, combinations, contraindications, safety issues, dosage, and additional detailed notes.

Part 1 presents a history of Ayurveda and the development of its materia medica; basic principles (the five primoridal elements, the universal constitutents, the three humors, the three dosas, the seven supportive tissues, the channels, ayurvedic anatomy, disease etiology and pathology); ayurvedic herbal pharmacology and pharmacy; ayurvedic therapy and treatment (diagnosis, principles, understanding the disease process, treatment strategies, formula building, case studies); and the scientific basis of Ayurveda Part 2 presents the plant profiles, herb sourcing, and traditional formulas, and Part 3 contains useful appendices with tables, glossaries, resources, plant name indexes, and transliteration and pronunciation notes. The text follows the core curriculum standards presented by the Department of Indian Systems of Medicine and the European Herbal Practitioners Association in relation to study of the ayuvedic materia medica and pharmacology.


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