Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy: Volume 2


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By Michael Shea
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781556437151
534 pages, 8.00 x 10.00″

The intention of biodynamic craniosacral therapy is to reconnect the client with the instinctual intelligence and numinosity of the natural world. This method does not attune directly to a pathological medical model as does osteopathy. Rather, it is primarily used as an exploration of perception, self-development, and integration of developmental experience. Its focus is on skills based on perceiving stillness as the fundamental healing influence for the mind and body. Shea explores craniosacral therapy for trauma resolution, psychodynamics, and shamanism, and offers practical meditations, visualizations, and clinical skills to facilitate healing physical, spiritual, and emotional conditions. Healers and bodywork therapists of all stripes will find much food for thought herein.

About the author:

Michael Shea, PhD, has taught somatic psychology, myofascial release, visceral manipulation, and craniosacral therapy through Shea Educational Group for nearly three decades. Certified as one of the Upledger Institute’s first full Instructors of CranioSacral Therapy in 1986, he is cofounder of the International Affiliation of Biodynamic Trainings and lives in Juno Beach, Florida.

Praise for Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

“This book is like Aladdin’s cave dazzling the reader with an abundance of well-researched and insightful information. More like an epic poem than a textbook, this volume is one to return to time and time again to uncover more treasure and delight in nuggets of wisdom. Dr. Michael Shea brings striking originality to the cranial concept.”

-Katherine Ukleja, DO, RCST, practitioner and international teacher of Cranisacral Biodynamics

“Dr. Michael Shea’s skills as a Master Teacher and Master Practitioner flow easily onto the page making complex principles readily available to both novice and seasoned therapists. He takes readers from the history and evolution of the biodynamic model through principles of the client-therapist relationship and ends with assisting the therapist to understand the multidimensional world that embodies the mythic. This vital work on the helping relationship should be required reading.”

-Marti Glenn, PhD, founding president of Santa Barbara Graduate Institute

“Michael Shea has thoroughly and thoughtfully contributed to the field of Somatic Psychology with his new book. At a time when somatic paradigm development, coupled with effective treatment, is still being worked out, Shea has given us a distinct road map to study.”

-Chritine Caldwell, PhD, professor and founder of the Somatic Counseling Psychology Department at Naropa University and author of Getting Our Bodies Back and Getting in touch

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