Chinese Herbal Medicine and Psychophysiology


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By Daniel Weber & Wang Jing
Hardcover Book
ISBN 9780646509617
92 Pages

Traditional medicines of the East offered astute and precise clinical protocols, seemingly beyond the science of their time. The great masters combined a keen clinical eye with deep intuitive understandings of the human condition. These traditions are based on solid understandings of disease pathologies that today can be verified through scientific investigation.

When examining psychological distress, we now understand through the science of Neuroimmunoendocrinology that the psyche/soma is a multilevel system, which embraces the whole human. You can’t understand a disease outside the context of the person with the disease.

We are in a new era of medicine and are shedding the constrictive aspects of reductionism while seeking solid evidence as to efficacy.

Chinese medicine speaks of concepts such as qi, Shen and the San Jiao system and we are now able to under­ stand the basis of these observations within a scientific framework. We now have a rational, anatomical and physiological basis for these concepts, which will allow us to treat with precision within a bio-medical model. The best of East and West and the best of ancient and modern suggests a true paradigm shift.

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