Chinese Medicine; The Ideas That Shaped It

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By Nigel Wiseman with Sabine Wilms
Trade Paperback
ISBN 9780990869818
324 Pages

Chinese Medicine: The Ideas that Shaped It allows you to understand the Chinese view of their own medicine. It is intended for those who have, or who are now studying acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and who want to understand how a Chinese physician perceives the root concepts of Chinese medicine. It is also suitable for lay persons who want to understand more about Chinese medicine in its native culture.

The authors, Nigel Wiseman, and Sabine Wilms, were so intrigued by Chinese medicine that they mastered its language, studied with its scholars and clinicians, and tested their skills and conclusions at the most challenging levels of academic achievement. This book describes what people who work with Chinese medicine in its native language and culture know will benefit your learning.

Thus, Chinese Medicine: The Ideas that Shaped It provides an ideal preparation for studying Chinese Medicine: Theories of Modern Practice. These books were prepared in tandem. Students who require practical professional information at the level of detail required in the professional courses taught in the People Republic of China and Taiwan can begin their study firmly grounded in Chinese thought. As their studies advance, knowing what influences have affected the medicine, gives valuable insight into essential theories.

Chinese Medicine: The Ideas that Shaped It gives a culturally accurate “sense of things:• You’ll grasp these ideas the same way Chinese students do.

Chinese Medicine: The Ideas that Shaped It respects the historical realities of Chinese medicine. From its formative period through to its reception in the west today, and the effect of that reception in East Asia, the principles and practices of Chinese medicine evolved in direct response to the observation of clinical results.

Chinese Medicine: The Ideas that Shaped It provides a practical and authentic foundation for the study of Chinese medicine. It also provides the information necessary to learn acumoxatherapy and Chinese medicine broader acceptance and encourage more and more people to avail themselves of its vast capabilities.

Chinese Medicine: The Ideas that Shaped It, begins with the often-ignored topic of how Chinese medicine became what it is today. Where an idea comes from is not just an academic curiosity. It is an aid to understanding medical concepts by knowing the circumstances that brought them about.

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