DNA Demystified: Volume I

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By Kishori Aird
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9782980744129
237 pages, 7.00 x 10.00″

The author’s years of research and practice have shown her that the chaos of our times is also an invitation to redefine our reality; that we have an opportunity to reorganize and reprogram our DNA, our own genetic code. We already know that our attitude can influence our health and development. Texts have already been written on cellular reprogramming and psychoneuroimmunology. However, little documentation is available on DNA reprogramming. This work demonstrates how, using imagination, medical intuition, and visualization, we can examine DNA from a vibratory aspect. We can break away from our default behaviors and patterns, and begin making conscious choices. The author invites readers to make new links and ask new questions to gain a better understanding of human and personal evolution. The human genetic code has an important role in this evolution. Using tools of intention, kinesiology, and specific reprogramming protocols described in this book, we can introduce new “programs” and “codes” that will bring compassion, wisdom, abundance, humility, and self-love to our lives.

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