DNA and the Quantum Choice: Volume II


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By Kishori Aird
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9782980744150
297 pages

This work is a follow-up volume to DNA Demystified and its 17 reprogramming protocols. As demonstrated by quantum physics, nature includes several possibilities and the choice made by the observer influences reality. In the quantum universe, everything coexists, time does not exist, and according to the quantum model, we can program the information inherent to other possibilities in our genetic code if we so wish. This work examines and presents a series of reprogramming protocols based on quantum choice. These protocols use intention, identification, and testing to clarify the object of the protocol and the data to be included in the reprogramming process. The specific protocols presented herein include health, holographic reality, effective commands at zero point, quantum intelligence, conscious ascension, transmutation at zero point, expansion at zero point, accessing the interstitial void, tuning the interstitial void on the frequency of our essence, revitalizing vital energy, the central soul and coexistence, multiple worlds, tuning in on the frequency of the information from multiple worlds, and self-love at zero point. Numerous appendices provide a lexicon of terms, kinesiology techniques, and lists of blockages, emotions, affirmations, and human energy systems.

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