Food Energetics

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By Steve Gagne
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781594772429
589 pages

This book is about the knowledge imparted by the core experience of foods, the knowledge that foods impart to you when you eat them and experience them. The author’s study of the energetics of food does not exclude technical, nutritional, or chemical information about a food, it simply acknowledges that these exist after the fact–the fact being the food itself. How to gain a conscious, personal knowledge of the quality of foods is the reason for this book.

The author discusses how we choose our food and the different factors at play, such as habit; sensory, circumstantial, and reactive choosing, and “big picture” and “big brother” choosing. He explores working models of foods, and methods of understanding the essential character, temperament, and energies of a food. His review of the varieties of food covers the major portion of the book, and includes his observations on a “symphony” of plant and animal matter.

His survey of traditional ancestral diets, his wide-ranging discussions of history and pre-history of advanced agricultural civilizations, his theories of missing links and mutant grains in the agricultural chain, and his essays on chocolate, human evolution, and designer diets, provides much additional “food for thought.”

About the Author:

Steve Gagne is a natural health and nutrition counselor who began researching and teaching food energies in 1972. He teaches throughout the United States and Europe and continues to study traditional cultures and their dietary practices in remote parts of the world. He lives in Colorado.

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