Energetics of Western Herbs Vol. II, 4th Ed.


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By Peter Holmes
Trade paperback book
ISBN 9781890029432
651 pages

Now in a revised and expanded edition, Energetics of Western Herbs is a pathbreaking work that draws on Chinese and Greek herbal medicine. It integrates traditional Chinese herbal energetics with the latest findings of plant pharmacology. The vitalistic and scientific systems of herbal therapy are complementary paradigms, not irreconcilable approaches. Both systems are to be used simultaneously, thereby greatly enhancing the efficacy of natural herbal health care.

This comprehensive, fully cross-indexed reference text provides easy access to the important and reliable information needed to select appropriate herbal remedies for any condition. A self-instructional manual, The Energetics presents 228 botanical remedies in full detail that are currently being used in Western herbal medicine. They are conveniently divided into 24 treatment categories for practical use. For the first time in an herbal reference, herbs are detailed according to their nature, functions and uses in both biochemical and vitalistic terms. The indications for their use are conveniently listed by Western medical condition, and traditional syndrome and symptom. The most useful preparation forms, dosages and cautions are also provided. This two-volume work is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the principles and practice of natural herbal therapies.

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