Gender and Sexuality in Chinese Medicine


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By Catherine Lumenello
Hardcover Book
ISBN 9781848193796
352 Pages

This progressive handbook for Chinese medicine students and practitioners looks at gender, physiology, relationships and sexual attraction from the Chinese medicine perspective. Many standard diagnostic and treatment techniques are gender-based and do not work with clients who identify as LGBT or gender/sex/relationship fluid and so these communities are currently often underserved.

Catherine Lumenello accesses the Daoist, Buddhist and Confucianist roots of the medicine and explores the energetic pathways, the Three Treasures and other theories in order to understand the emotional etiology and treatment concerns prevalent within these client groups. The topics covered in the book include transgender issues, asexuality, sex addiction, sexual realignment surgery and polyamory. Incorporating client examples, illustrations, and an assortment of treatment approaches, this book is a radical re-examination of the potential of Chinese medicine.

About the Author:

Catherine Lumenello is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Classical Chinese Medicine practitioner, and Qigong and Feng Shui Master that specializes in emotional stress and Trauma recovery. With over 15 years of clinical experience, Lumenello worked extensively in the LGBTQ+ and HIV+/AIDS communities in Tucson, Arizona before relocating to a small private practice in rural Vermont, USA.

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