Heart Shock: Diagnosis and Treatment of Trauma


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By Ross Rosen
Hardcover book
ISBN 9781848193734

This book describes in detail the effects and ongoing impacts of trauma on the body and mind and provides the “missing piece” in the treatment of these stubborn conditions that every practitioner confronts. Heart Shock refers to the systemic impact that emotional and/or physical trauma has on one’s physiology and psychology, interfering with one’s ability to heal, and also directly attributable to a host of progressive pathology.

Synthesizing the teachings of Jeffrey Yuen and the Shen-Hammer lineage and focusing heavily on psychology, Ross Rosen addresses how to identify, diagnose, and treat Heart Shock from multiple perspectives, providing a multi-faceted approach to treatment, including all of the acupuncture channel systems, herbal medicine and the use of essential oils.

Praise for Heart Shock: Diagnosis and Treatment of Trauma

Heart Shock is a comprehensive exploration of the intricacies pertaining to ‘trauma’ and its impact on our hearts. Ross Rosen has taken on the arduous task of providing a definitive and rich exposition for the clinician and individuals interested in unraveling more about themselves through the lens of the Shen-Hammer lineage and Classical Chinese medicine, in addition to his own insights and revelations. The text is filled with time-tested strategies and resourceful modalities to one of life’s most perplexing questions – how to treat our ‘hearts’.”

-Jeffrey C. Yuen, Director of Classical Studies, Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts

“Rosen’s accomplishment provides inspiration for those of us who strive to be Scholar/Physicians. Heart Shock offers further evidence that the evolution of medicine is in good hands.”

-Lonny Jarrett, MAc, author of Nourishing Destiny and The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine

“Articulate and well-written, Heart Shock contains treatments and strategies that are exemplars of two living traditions of Chinese medicine.”

-William Morris, PhD, co-author of Li Xhi-zhen Pulse Studies: An Illustrated Guide

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