Introduction to Equine Acupressure


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By Nancy Zidonis & Amy Snow
Presenters: Marie Soderberg & Nancy Zidonis
ISBN (13) 9780964598263 (10) 0964598264
Digital Video Data (DVD)
52 Minute Run Time

Introduction to Equine Acupressure gives you the basics of a complete acupressure session plus specific powerful acupoints for arthritis, shoulder & hip problems, lameness, low back issues, colic, mental focus and other equine physical and emotional issues.

This 45-minute training video puts you in touch with 1000s of years of safe, natural healing techniques especially intended to optimize physical and emotional health.

A Hands-On Approach to:

  • Maximize performance
  • Improve mental focus for training
  • Optimize the Health and Well-being of your horse

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